Resurrected Love & Romance

by Elwood Gene Edwards


Book Details

Poetry is a mirror that reflects and melds the rhythmic vibrations that the heart and mind radiate into words.

Resurrected Love & Romance is a compendium of poems, an inspirational journey of the mind and heart that focuses on the myriad relationships we experience by virtue of the different types of love that impact us. Most of us begin this journey with love of self or familial love in an effort to discover who we truly are. Ever seeking to be happy, with a sense of childlike freedom, curiosity, and anticipation, we continually search for loving relationships; thus, ultimately, we come to discover that we, ourselves, are light — love — a universal force that is life itself.


About the Author

Elwood Gene Edwards

Elwood Gene Edwards is an author and poet with over ten published books of poetry to his credit. He spent his professional career as a mathematician, mathematics educator, administrator, and consultant, and currently lives in Palm Coast, Flagler County, Florida.

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