Understanding Rusty, Katie's Talented Golden Retriever

A Riverview Animal Shelter Novel (Book No. 13)

by Helen A. Bemis

Understanding Rusty, Katie's Talented Golden Retriever

Understanding Rusty, Katie's Talented Golden Retriever

A Riverview Animal Shelter Novel (Book No. 13)

by Helen A. Bemis

Published Mar 31, 2022
157 Pages
Genre: FICTION / Family Life / General


Book Details

Second Chances for Success and Romances

We know that romance among students is typical in high schools. Their teachers are not immune to the love bug, either. Ditto the secretaries and janitors and the other adults. It is a wonder any work gets done!

Does the overnight crew find love? How about the daytime regulars? Even a guidance counselor? Katie, a young school secretary, is about to learn the answer in this cozy novel centered on Riverview Vocational High School. Two men become quite interested in her. Romance is complicated by medical developments and the reunion of Katie and a special friend.

Yes, a dog will play an important role. So will a mysterious caller, a person who has caused trouble at the school before.

The dog, Rusty, is a drop-out from the highly competitive profession of Seeing-Eye Dog, but he finds his niche at the high school as an informal Therapy Dog. Subsequently, a new development leads to a new canine calling for this popular pooch.

Katie’s life takes a dramatic turn as she recovers from her injuries.


About the Author

Helen A. Bemis

Helen Bemis has enjoyed working with dogs all her life, and they have often played important parts in her novels. She grew up on a dairy farm in Upper New York State; after graduating high school, she attended Albany Medical Center School of Nursing. She is married and has three children. She obtained a college degree at SUNY Adirondack, earned the Certified Professional Dog Trainer international certification, and has a successful business, K-9 Karing. She has been a Therapy Dog evaluator and is an A. K. C. award evaluator. She has judged fun dog matches, often speaks to many organizations, and teaches dog safety and other dog-related topics to schools as well as at her local college. This is her sixteenth Riverview book. She loves to hear people say, “Helen has gone to the dogs.”

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