Understanding Treasure

A Riverview Animal Shelter Mystery Novel

by Helen A. Bemis


Book Details

Be Careful What You Wish For

The Riverview Animal Shelter crew returns, with their somewhat eccentric interactions. They say that crime does not pay, but this isn’t always true. We think we know our family well, but surprises do occur. The story soon involves a cryptic treasure map, with a booty whose location is hinted at by some clever clues. Several futures are changed by what is discovered. You will enjoy this, the seventh of her novels. It is in the genre of a “cozy” mystery, a puzzle faced by people you will like, with nothing terrible happening.


About the Author

Helen A. Bemis

Helen A. Bemis has enjoyed working with dogs all her life. She has a college degree from SUNY Adirondack, obtained the Certified Professional Dog Trainer international certification, and runs a successful business, K-9 Karing. She’s a retired Therapy Dog Evaluator and an A. K. C. Award Evaluator and speaks to various organizations about canine-related topics. This is her seventh published novel. She loves to hear people say, “Helen has gone to the dogs!”

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