Understanding Miss Understanding

A Riverview Animal Shelter Mystery Novel

by Helen A. Bemis


Book Details

Miss Understanding Must Avoid a Misunderstanding

In this book, you will meet someone who seeks to understand almost everything. The author can identify with her because she is also one who seeks to understand. To her, knowledge supports wisdom, and she loves to share wisdom with others. In Understanding Miss Understanding, we find young adults Alice and Ben serving as counselors at the Kids’ Camp run over the summer at the Riverview Animal Shelter by Jane, Ruth, and Millie to teach local youth how to care for and train their dogs. Seriously sick dogs and an ill camper make Alice into an amateur detective, aiding a real detective, James, from the local police force to seek the truth of the apparent poisonings. Her dog, Misty, plays a role in solving the puzzle. Alice’s inquisitiveness and insights earn her the playful nickname, “Miss Understanding.” The results of the investigation put Alice on a new course for her life, one that intersects with the path being taken by Tippie’s owner, Art, on his way to becoming a veterinarian. Another camper’s life changes greatly, too.


About the Author

Helen A. Bemis

Helen A. Bemis has enjoyed working with dogs all her life. She has a college degree from SUNY Adirondack, obtained the Certified Professional Dog Trainer international certification, and runs a successful business, K-9 Karing. She’s a retired Therapy Dog Evaluator and an A. K. C. Award Evaluator and speaks to various organizations about canine-related topics. This is her fifth published novel. She loves to hear people say, “Helen has gone to the dogs!”

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