Understanding Trixie

A Novel about a Brilliant Border Collie Service Dog

by Helen A. Bemis


Book Details

Brilliant Border Collie Serves…and Surprises!

Border Collies are among the most intelligent of dogs. An experimental, life-saving treatment on a Border Collie puppy by a trail-blazing veterinarian not only saves Trixie’s life, but produces a dog with an amazing level of intelligence, capable of both surprising tricks and sensitive service to her mistress, Katherine, recovering from cancer. Katherine’s illness and slow recovery cause her to lose an offer to join a private veterinary practice, but the Riverview Animal Shelter is eager to have her services. Furthermore, one of the volunteers there, Donald, falls in love with this attractive, intelligent, plucky young woman. Trixie shows her talents on stage, saves an important ceremony from becoming a fiasco, and has a dalliance with a neighbor’s dog that ends up producing smart puppies, including one who…. This is the fourth in this multi-book series, following UNDERSTANDING SASSIE and UNDERSTANDING SASSIE, II, and UNDERSTANDING CHAMP. Readers can enjoy each without having read the others. All four novels combine upbeat personal stories with insights about training dogs with love.


About the Author

Helen A. Bemis

Helen A. Bemis has enjoyed working with dogs all her life. She has a college degree from SUNY Adirondack, obtained the Certified Professional Dog Trainer international certification, and runs a successful business, K-9 Karing. She’s a retired Therapy Dog Evaluator and an A. K. C. Award Evaluator and speaks to various organizations about canine-related topics. She loves to hear people say, “Helen has gone to the dogs!”

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