Understanding Sassie

A Novel of Dog and Human Communication

by Helen A. Bemis


Book Details

How Dogs Talk to Each Other and to Us

In my many years of teaching dog obedience, I have discovered that not all humans understand what the dog is trying to tell them. Although I’ve enjoyed my opportunities to teach classes on dog communication (the body language of dogs), my goal has always been to reach a wider audience. I’ve always enjoyed telling stories. I have discovered that stories can help us to remember and learn valuable information. I hope the reader will find these stories entertaining and informative.


About the Author

Helen A. Bemis

HELEN A. BEMIS has enjoyed working with dogs all her life. She has obtained a college degree at SUNY Adirondack, earned the Certified Professional Dog Trainer international certification and has a successful business, K-9 Karing. She loves to hear people say, “Helen has gone to the dogs.”

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