What Is a Squirrel Monkey

by Carol Creager

What Is a Squirrel Monkey

What Is a Squirrel Monkey

by Carol Creager

Published Mar 31, 2020
57 Pages
Genre: JUVENILE NONFICTION / Animals / Apes, Monkeys, etc.


Book Details

I am both rare and endangered. I live in a small area of Costa Rica. When Carol, a superb photographer and writer, offered to tell you about me, I was delighted. I am happy to share my life with you. I hope that you help to respect and protect my species and my habitat.

Soy raro y en peligro. Vivo en un área pequeña de Costa Rica. Cuando Carol ofreció decirte de mí, me deleité. Me alegro compartir mi vida contigo. Espero que ayudes a respetar y proteger mi especie y mi medio ambiente.
Jumper, the squirrel monkey


About the Author

Carol Creager

Of all monkeys, I am convinced that squirrel monkeys are the most adorable. I first saw a troop of squirrel monkeys with one mother carrying her baby on her back as they leaped through the trees.

De todos los monos, estoy convencida que los monos ardillas son los más adorables. La primera vez que vi un grupo de ellos con una madre llevando su bebé cuando saltaron por los árboles. Carol Creager

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