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Legends of the Pan 3

The mysterious Great Lord of Magic has conjured up an ancient evil to besiege the inhabitants of Neverland. No community is left untouched by these supernatural events. Their pending doom haunts the panicked islanders as fear grips their minds. The Essence of Neverland and the Underlord of the Netherworld are helpless to save them. Merpeople, Malomen, and humans combine their wisdom to protect their homes and families. Those with the power of the Pan struggle to bring calm.

Just when they believe some control has been regained, a new menace threatens to tear their world apart––but this is nothing compared to what happens next.


About the Author

Juna Jinsei

Juna Jinsei is an accomplished author and master storyteller with a Ph.D. in Pastoral Counseling Psychology. Whether Juna is writing, teaching, or counseling, she has dedicated her life to helping people find the key that will open the door to self-discovery, giving them the opportunity to reach their highest potential. The intent of her novels is to take readers on an adventurous roller coaster ride to explore the realms of human emotion as they are pulled into exciting alter realities that they can identify with, which will lead them to gripping personal realizations.

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