Enlighten Your Passions

The Essence of Human Nature Explored Through Poetry

by Juna Jinsei Ph.D.

Enlighten Your Passions

Enlighten Your Passions

The Essence of Human Nature Explored Through Poetry

by Juna Jinsei Ph.D.

Published Jan 22, 2010
170 Pages
Genre: POETRY / African


Book Details

Juna Jinsei

received the

Editor's Choice 2008

award for her poetry, from

The International Library of Poetry

"Years of research into the world of metaphysics show vividly in these pictorial poems by Juna Jinsei. You’ll be transported into a world of your own emotional feelings by these brilliantly composed words."

- Barbara Maddux, Book Reviewer, Wings Bookstore, First Unity Church

The simplicity and profound teachings conveyed by this well organized book of poetry are character-building principles, which seem to lose their significance in this stressful modern world. Based on ancient wisdom once taught by Buddhist sages, these strategically composed meaningful verses can help us decipher and control the chaos that surrounds us daily. As you journey through these humanistic life conditions from self-destruction through enlightenment, you will be led along a soul-seeking path from the depths of your fundamental darkness to the self-discovery of your virtuous entity, and emerge bathed in the light of divinity.

With her well-known humor and moving wit, Juna Jinsei penetrates the scope of human emotions with their flaws and weaknesses, as well as their deep compassion and powerful potential. Intense passion is portrayed with lyrical beauty and metaphorical grace to open your heart and mind until your true essence can be revealed. Through these verses you will determine where you reside on a daily basis and realize the life you can manifest by elevating your goals and focusing your entire being on the creative inner goodness that exists within your eternal soul.


About the Author

Juna Jinsei Ph.D.

Juna Jinsei, Ph.D., is a pastoral counseling psychologist with an extensive background in world religions, creative writing, and commercial art. The founder of World Wholeness Healing Center in St. Petersburg, Florida, Juna counsels and teaches people of all faiths through the application of a variety of proven Metaphysical, Hindu, and Buddhist techniques. Encouraged by her students, Juna compiled these verses, to help others longing for self-improvement. It is an inspirational map of amazing rhythms and intuitive insights that clarifies the complexities of human nature to enhance the evolvement of spiritual practitioners.

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