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Legends of the Pan 2

Almost thirty years of peace have prevailed in Neverland since the annihilation of the shadow monster. The unification of the Neverlanders created the perfect utopia, bringing happiness and prosperity to its inhabitants, until one day they realized that they were not alone. A new species was discovered with the drive and means to take over the entire island. They attacked unsuspecting communities leaving a path of death and destruction in their wake. This sudden chain of events shook Neverland to its core, rousing the Underlord of the Netherworld; feared by the superstitious and believed to be even more powerful than the Essence of Neverland. Can the power of the Pan stop this rampage threatening to destroy their home? Will the Underlord prove to be as sinister and barbaric as believed, inflicting his wrath on those who dare to disturb him? Will the Essence be able to save them or will fear and ignorance consume the islanders, causing their ultimate demise?


About the Author

Juna Jinsei

Juna Jinsei is an accomplished author and master storyteller, with a Ph.D. in Pastoral Counseling Psychology. Whether Juna is writing, teaching, or counseling, she has dedicated her life to helping people find the key that will open the door to self-discovery, giving them the opportunity to reach their highest potential. The intent of her novels is to take readers on an adventurous roller coaster ride to explore the realms of human emotion as they are pulled into exciting alter realities that they can identify with, which will lead them to gripping personal conclusions.

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