100 Worlds to the Inner Cosmos

Gain Power, Control, and Freedom

by Dr. Juna Jinsei


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No one can successfully overcome the lack of self-confidence, depression, bottled up anger, addictions, anxieties, or other destructive behavior created in life, until learning to be the Master of Oneself. In 100 Worlds to the Inner Cosmos, Dr. Jinsei shares with you the answers she has discovered in the ancient Buddhist scriptures known as the Lotus Sutra. Her innovative style in composing this book has not only made it informative and creative, but also, inspirational and entertaining. It will help you grasp the details and application of the secrets of Ichinen Sanzen, which can open and change your life, allowing you to succeed in all your endeavors so you can achieve a positive self-transformation and joyful reality.

Psychologists agree personal happiness is a function of the context in which the world is perceived and internalized. Dr. Jinsei utilizes real life examples to present a philosophical framework for understanding ten major emotional tendencies and operational personality types, plus 100 subtypes, that one encounters in the world. This book lends the reader, through a self-analysis framework, control and power over one’s life and the freedom and joy that can bring.

Dr. Jeffrey Dean Maddux, Professor

Schiller International University

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