The Vagabond's Son

Prelude to a Legacy

by L.F. Falconer


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No One Can Outrun The Dark

The ogres call them pixies, and who in their right mind is going to argue with an ogre? Certainly not Laramato when he sells them his wife. This is the story of the child left behind. Born to an outlaw, he rises to power only to betray his kingdom in the end. Six months shy of the age of two when his mother disappears, Adalanto is left in the insular care of a drunken brute. But his most difficult battle for survival doesn’t begin until he leaves home. Suddenly thrust into society, the emerging demons he carries within threaten every aspect of his young life—from his stormy temperament, his view of women, the moral choices he makes, to the all-consuming thirst for the love he never knew. Join Adalanto on a challenging adventure through the Black Wood as he seeks the key that will finally free his spirit in this fresh, dramatic prequel.


About the Author

L.F. Falconer

A maverick with a pen, Nevada author, L.F. Falconer brings her own unique style to dark fantasy, infusing the real with the unreal to provide imaginative insights into hard social issues. To learn more, visit:

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