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Journey to the Unknown

Abducted by Piskies while crossing the moor, Elva is whisked off to their war-divided kingdom in the Black Wood where she is hailed as their queen and savior. But is she truly the bringer of peace the desperate Piskies believe her to be? Torn between love, loyalty, and duty, she longs to fulfill her vow made to Gwin of Lorane. After she weds, a fierce and deadly battle forces her to return to her homeland, accompanied by a small following of devoted Piskies. Yet a siren call soon beckons her back to the ancient realm of the dragon. She ascends the mountain of Skur with a lone guard—a journey which not only brings her to the edge of the netherworld, but into possession of a gift with the power to change one life forever. Whose life will it be? Praise for The Legacy of Skur, Volume One: “An intriguing and well-crafted fantasy” —Blue Ink Review “Definitely a thrilling read ... Five stars!” —Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite “Intricate, beguiling, and promising” —Foreword/Clarion Review


About the Author

L.F. Falconer

Award-winning author L.F. Falconer continues to deliver riveting adventures, keeping her readers on the edge of their seats while gently fusing make-believe with real-life experience. To date, she has authored six dark fantasy novels and one collection of macabre short stories. A wife, a mother, and a grandmother, she resides in her home state of Nevada where she enjoys exploring the roads less traveled, or simply lazing about with her two senior dogs.

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