Hope Flies on Broken Wings

by L. F. Falconer


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It's the last summer of Collie's innocence.

“A tragic love story about choices made that will haunt the reader long after the story has been read.”—Alice DiNizo, Readers’ Favorite In a mythical, medieval seacoast realm, a poignant struggle for love is born when Collie and Dugan break the barriers of society to pursue a forbidden relationship. Collie is the middle-class daughter of a tinker. Dugan is the lower-class son of a powerful, yet evil man. Collie’s mother wants her to marry the blacksmith, Arrick. Dugan’s father expects him to embrace the family business. Collie hopes Dugan will give up his dreams of being a fisherman and become a proper suitor. Dugan feels bound to the sea. But the sea is a jealous mistress and one fateful night changes everything. The first book in Collie Tinker’s journey of self-discovery, Hope Flies on Broken Wings is a gritty and often heart-wrenching tale of youthful rebellion and unintended consequences. Not recommended for young readers.


Book Excerpt

"I'll not have a dry land mutiny by my own flesh and blood, Dugan. Hand me the damned trident." We are two stubborn fishermen trying to out-stare one another. Aye, Edder, perhaps I am like my da in a certain aspect, but I will no longer be a party to his evil. I feel a power rise up in me, both fearful and alien. I'm defying my father and I don't even give a damn. Let him do what he will---it doesn't matter. I almost wish he'd just kill me now and get it over with. Let's just put an end to this pain I call my life. He says not a word, just stares with those gray eyes, the scar across his cheek pulsing. The veins in his arms bulge like ropes against the muscles. The man is furious and I don't care. Deliberately, I turn my back to him and start walking away and with this action comes the knowledge that I will likely die tonight. Da calls out, "No one gets paid today, boy, until ye do what I tell ye." That bloody son of a bitch! Put everyone's wages upon my shoulders in this damned power play. Gritting my teeth, I stop and turn around, then stride back to the boat. "If you want your bloody trident, then take it." I snatch it up and hurl it at him like a harpoon.


About the Author

L. F. Falconer

L.F. Falconer is an American author of dark fiction. Her debut novel, Hope Flies on Broken Wings, was swiftly followed by its sequel, Hope Rises from the Ashes. Her other dark fantasy works include the six-part, three-volume Legacy series: The Legacy of Skur, Volume One; The Legacy of Skur, Volume Two; and The Vagabond’s Son, Prelude to a Legacy, a 2015 Epic Fantasy Finalist of Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards. For more information, visit: www.lffalconer.com

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