Rachel’s Search

A Satilla County Novel

by Oscar Patton


Book Details

The Second Coming

Boston born journalist Rachel Mellon sees the second coming of the Klan in 1915 as more fuel on a fire already burning out of control, not only in Satilla County but around the world. To her, the new South appears to be as bad as the old, or worse. Challenged by her editor, she goes out to experience life for herself out there in the pine woods. In her search, she finds poor whites and even poorer blacks struggling to survive against great odds. She finds suffering and hatred but also hope and love. When best friend Eve disappears, Rachel’s search turns personal and horrific.


About the Author

Oscar Patton

Oscar Patton is the author of the Satilla County series of novels. He says, “I use history, memory, and imagination to create regional stories with universal, timeless themes. As William Faulkner put it, "I write about the human heart in conflict with itself.”

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