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Hate and Love

Sheriff George Winters is caught in the middle of a long running feud between Satilla County neighbors. He senses the conflict is building to climax, but he does not suspect nor can he imagine the horror that erupts. In arresting those accused and helping to prosecute them, he agonizes over questions of duty and friendship. However, the worst comes once the trial is over. Meanwhile, he must deal with feelings of insecurity and jealousy that threaten his relationship with the beautiful Viola Fletcher. "Hate is love gone wrong." Judge Jones "I love you beyond all reason and beyond all reason not to." Sheriff Winters


About the Author

Oscar Patton

Oscar Patton is the author of three other novels in his Satilla County series: When the Bough Breaks, Riding the Fantastics, and A Place to Call Home. He is a retired college English professor with a Ph.D. in American literature.

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