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Finding the Way Home

Young professor Oliver Hardin settles in at Georgia Southeastern College, happy to be home in Satilla County: “Cock-a-doodle-do. This rooster has come home to roost. Bring your mugs, boys. The keg is iced down. The pork is on the pit. And the chicks are on the way.” Then, in the year he expects to become a tenured professor, storm clouds gather. Discord among colleagues, a developing romance with a student, the prospect of being fired, a night in jail, a cock fight that turns deadly, and the loss of a close friend force Oliver to see Satilla County in a new light and to re-assess what “home” means. What Readers Are Saying about Oscar Patton: Barbara Alves: “Does a superb job of drawing you into the lives of his characters.” Beth Burke: “Weaves a tale that holds the reader’s interest throughout.” Laurie Tanner: “Spins a mesmerizing tale.” Dan Porter: “Patton’s writing is excellent.”


About the Author

Oscar Patton

Oscar Patton, Ph.D., is a retired professor of English composition and literature. He is the author of two other novels: When the Bough Breaks and Riding the Fantastics. He lives and writes on his farm near Ambrose, Georgia. His novels are available online in paperback and e-format from Outskirts Press and

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