When the Bough Breaks

Rockabye Baby

by Oscar Patton


Book Details

A Twentieth-Century Scarlett O’Hara

Love, hate, ambition, greed, lasciviousness—human nature is laid bare in this story about the fall of the grandest house in Hebron, Georgia. Following the sudden death on the same night of her infant son and her rich and powerful husband, Ada McCallum, too young and too beautiful, must assume control of a vast empire and make her way in a world of men at war, at home and abroad. Strong willed Ada, a twentieth-century Scarlett O’Hara, succeeds in business and in love, but her behavior can be reckless and her choices unwise. Local newspaper editor and McCallum family friend Carl Goodman narrates Ada’s life and reveals dark secrets. He also chronicles race relations, ghost sightings, and happenings in and around Satilla County.


About the Author

Oscar Patton

Oscar Patton is a graduate of Berry College, the University of Tennessee, and Florida State University. A retired college professor of literature and composition, he now spends his days at his writing place on the family farm near Ambrose, Georgia. He has written and is revising for publication two more novels for a Satilla County trilogy.

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