The Secret History of the New World Order

by Herbert Dorsey


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The Secret History of the New World Order

The English colonies in America had very few Catholics with the exception of Maryland. These colonies had laws which prohibited Catholics from taking public office. The Jesuit General, Ricci, first through Canadian Jesuits, instigated the French Indian War and then, through their control of the English Freemasons, the American Revolution. The Freemasons in England influenced the king to pass onerous laws like the stamp act, a tax on tea, etc., to anger the Colonies, while the Colonial Freemasons were organizing acts of rebellion like the Boston Tea Party which finally escalated into the Revolution. The resulting United States was created whose constitution guaranteed freedom of religion and separation of Church and State. This allowed the Jesuits to operate freely in the United States. Some of the ideas in the U.S. Constitution were identical to Jesuit Cardinal Robert Bellarmine's liberation theology. One of the Wealthiest families in the Colonies was the Catholic, Carroll family in Maryland. After the Boston Tea Party, Jesuit, John Carroll organized the Catholics in Maryland, northern Virginia and Pennsylvania into joining the independence movement. After the Revolution, John Carroll was made the Bishop of Baltimore and was the direct representative to the Pope for the whole United States. So, by directing the U.S. Revolutionary War, the Jesuits with their control of the Freemasons, were able to punish heretical England by separating one of her colonies while gaining a substantial foothold in the Protestant United States. And, much of this was done while they were outlawed by the Church of Rome. It would be a grave error to underestimate the Jesuits!


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Herbert Dorsey

Herbert G. Dorsey III has been researching the secretive "New World Order" since President George H.W. Bush made several references to it in the early 1990s. While many researchers place the leaders of the New World Order among the Jewish international banking families, the present author discovers a deeper conspiracy that merely uses these masonic Jews for their own ends, which includes being "scapegoats" when things go wrong. Also, the modern creation of Israel by the men behind the scenes has the ultimate goal of Jerusalem becoming the capital of the planned, non-Jewish, one world government.

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