Secret Science and the Secret Space Program

by Herbert G. Dorsey III

Secret Science and the Secret Space Program

Secret Science and the Secret Space Program

by Herbert G. Dorsey III

Published Nov 12, 2014
211 Pages
Genre: SCIENCE / Acoustics & Sound


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Discover the secret science of anti-gravity and free energy

The science of anti-gravity was developed before the 20th Century by John Worrell Keely and Nikola Tesla and early in the 20th century by Thomas Townsend Brown. Germany had developed flying saucers before and during World War II. Powerful financial interest groups have gone to great lengths to keep this science and technology to themselves. Other technologies such as free energy generation, teleportation and time travel have also been developed in the 20th century but have also been kept secret. In this book you will discover how some of this technology works. Also, you will get to peek under the veil of National Security secrecy to see how this technology is being used to colonize Mars, place secret bases on the Moon, and police the Solar System.


About the Author

Herbert G. Dorsey III

Herbert G. Dorsey III received a degree in Electrical Engineering from University of California at Santa Barbara in 1982. In 1985, he became acquainted with the ideas of Thomas Bearden and John Bedini which allowed for free energy generation but ran counter to his formal schooling. Herbert Dorsey realized that there were holes in the formal science that he was taught and resolved to become a free energy researcher. Along the way, he also discovered the science of anti-gravity. In the 1990s, he attended many UFO conferences and met many interesting people that worked on secret government projects and was amazed at what he learned from them. Now, he wishes to share that knowledge with you.

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