The Covert Colonization of Our Solar System

by Herbert Dorsey


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Discover What Is Really Going On in Our Solar System!

German secret societies developed flying saucers called Jenseitsflugmaschines (otherworld flying machines) in the 1920s. This series of flying saucers, labeled the JFM series were developed by the Thule society from channeled information received from Maria Orsic in the Vril society. These fantastic machines were later incorporated as weapons by the Nazi SS under Hans Kammler during World War II. Trace the development of this beginning to the present secret colonization of our solar system and some of the technology involved in this book.


About the Author

Herbert Dorsey

Herbert G. Dorsey III received his BS Degree in Electrical Engineering from University of California at Santa Barbara in 1982. He had been out of school for a number of years before attending UCSB, and had studied the works of Nikola Tesla and Thomas Townsend Brown during this time. So, at the university he realized that there were large “holes” in the science presented there. After graduation, he embarked on a search of free energy and anti-gravity technology and actually witnessed several working free energy machines. His many discoveries led to his previous writing, Secret Science and the Secret Space Program. He has learned so much more since writing that book, that a new one is called for. Here it is.

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