A Look At Everyday life with God In Control

Passages Of Everyday Life: Through Faith
A Look at Everyday Life with God In Control and how it affects not only you, but those around you.

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About C D Swanson

C D Swanson
This is CD Swanson’s third book. Passages encompasses many scenarios of everyday life, with people from all walks of life. It details how God can change your life if you are willing to let him be in control. Faith inspired, as always is what led CD Swanson to compose this book, and to reveal how many people come to the Lord through various heart wrenching circumstances. CD Swanson is a Christian who has been married for 30 plus years. She and Ron share their Condo with their “little boy Max.” - She has completed her fourth book, a novel “The Chateau” which will be coming out soon. She has begun working on her fifth book stating, “I get all of my inspiration from my Lord my God whom I worship, love and adore. He gets all the glory honor and praise and I will keep writing as long as He wants me to.”