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Her New World Began in Complete Silence and Absolute Darkness

It wasn’t supposed to happen. It wasn’t even supposed to be possible. All the science and technology said so, but a freak accident changes everything and Deputy U.S. Marshal Sylvia Wallace finds herself sometime in the future when the Janus Project does not exist and most of the people around her are prison escapees. All is not forsaken, however. A note from the past gives her hope. Deputy U.S. Marshal Robert Mackie (the Guardians trilogy) and Colonel John Callan (The Janus Project) are coming to take her back to her time. All she has to do is stay alive until they find her, which becomes the most dangerous time of all.


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Deputy Wallace shrugged into the backpack and practiced drawing her weapon. Several adjustments later to her harness and the backpack shoulder straps and she could draw and aim with relative ease. A few additional minutes of practice and she was able to hit the quick release on her right shoulder strap, draw, kneel, swing the backpack in front as a partial shield, and aim all in one motion. As she started once more toward the opening, she noticed her badge had flipped around so that the leather back of the holder was facing outward. She stopped and felt around the inside of the medical kit until she found the roll of medical tape. Tearing a short strip off the roll, she looped it and stuck it to the leather, flipped the badge around, and pressed it against her sternum. She jumped up and down and swiveled around swiftly: the badge remained facing outward. No one would have any doubts as to what she was. Blending in was no longer a consideration. It was all about survival now – and she was ready.


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Brad Anderson

Brad Anderson, a West Point graduate, currently lives in San Antonio, Texas. He is the author of six other novels, including the Guardians trilogy and The Janus Project.

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