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A Wrong Turn Into Another World…

Home. After two months of being in the hospital as a result of greed and the accidental completion of an electrical circuit, Raymond Wright is more than ready to be back in his lean-to with all of his tools and cooking gear. Ray can see his woods through the great, big, round doorway everyone calls “The Portal.” Deputy US Marshal Danford is going with him to make sure he gets home safely. However, when Ray steps through The Portal, he finds himself alone in a wood unfamiliar—with no doorway to return through. At first, Ray isn’t all that worried, but the two “Indian” tribes and the giant wall of white far to the north tell him he’s farther from home than he has ever been. The mastodons that chase him let him know he is more than just miles away. He finds clues that the hospital people are looking for him. If he can just survive the mastodons, saber-toothed tigers, direwolves, and an unforgivable winter, they might find him in time to take him home alive. Only a few people at Janus know of Ray’s disappearance, but they know only that he’s gone—not where he went . . . or “when” he ended up. The search for Ray and the cause of his disappearance begins in earnest. As time goes by with no success, the fate of The Janus Project falls to Dr. Randy Vitek, the scientist who made time travel and The Janus Project possible. Clear your calendar and turn off your phone. This suspenseful, character-driven novel will keep you on the edge of your seat right up to the very end.


About the Author

Brad Anderson

Brad Anderson lives and works in San Antonio, Texas. Among his ten novels are five from The Janus Project files series.

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