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Danger Can’t Stay Hidden…Even in the Past

Larry Henderson knows more than he should, he just didn’t know how much until the FBI started asking questions. As a successful design engineer at innovative Exley Aerospace, he is the last person anyone would suspect of gathering the financial records the FBI needs to prove their case. The US Marshals Service’s Janus Project is still months away from being fully operational for witness protection, but until it’s time for Henderson to testify, he needs a place—and a time—to hide in that is out of reach of even the well-connected and powerful Exley. However, Henderson has a bloody history that, once revealed, places him in the crosshairs of several federal agencies, including the FBI. Add a mole inside the Janus Project who is working to hand Henderson over, and not even Chaco Canyon of 2006 is a safe place or time to hide. Imaginative, exciting, and relevant, When the Moon Stood Still will keep you on the edge of your seat.


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Brad Anderson

Brad Anderson lives and works in San Antonio, Texas. He enjoys hiking and camping in America’s National Parks, including Chaco Culture National Historical Park. Among his nine novels are four from The Janus Project files.

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