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The Feds have a special place for marquee witnesses. It’s not a matter of where; it’s a matter of when…The Feds have a special place for marquee witnesses. It’s not a matter of where; it’s a matter of when…

Army veteran and restaurant owner John Callan was at the wrong place at absolutely the worst time. And he paid for it with the lives of his wife and daughter. His attempt at revenge on Morgan Ropp, the country’s most lethal criminal, lands him in a special, top secret section of the Federal Witness Security Program: the Janus Project.

Life under Janus is supposed to be the safest available for protected witnesses – and it is for Callan until Morgan escapes from prison and finds out where – and when – Callan is hiding.

The Janus Project reveals the struggle of survival when the need for revenge pushes us to the brink of disaster. This character-driven novel highlights the dichotomy of a man torn between the fictional life that has been implanted in his new reality and the depth of his instincts that drive him within his innermost soul.

Which reality will win? It’s a matter of time.


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He hesitated beside Callan, then decided the risk was worth it and offered his hand again. This time, it was accepted, but Callan pulled him down and whispered, “I don’t care what you do to my mind. I won’t forget. When I heard my wife and my little Sarah screaming for help from my burning van and all I could do was watch and listen to them, I promised that I would kill the person responsible. I keep my promises, Dade.”

Dade decided to match the intensity of Callan’s stare then suddenly wished he had not. What he saw in those muddy-green eyes frightened him. Way in the back was a hideous, fanged creature gathering stones and sharpening sticks. He saw Death.

The grip on Dade’s hand relaxed slightly. He fought the urge to pull back his hand and wipe the perspiration off his forehead and barely prevented himself from clearing his throat before speaking. He could not remember any other point in his eleven-year career being so rattled within such a short period of time. But he did manage to keep his eyes locked on Callan’s. “Not this time, Mr. Callan. You won’t remember any promises you make in this life.”

“When my chopper went down behind enemy lines in Bolivia, I promised my front-seat that I would get him home safely. He’s now running his own investment firm in Charleston, and from what I saw when my family and I visited last summer, he’s doing better than just okay. Past, present, or future, Dade, Morgan’s ass is mine.”


About the Author

Brad Anderson

Brad Anderson lives and works in San Antonio, Texas, but occasionally, he visits family and friends in West Columbia, where the past isn’t always the way he remembers it.

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