Predatory Fiends

Joe Luna Horror

by David Brookover


Book Details

Someone intends to murder Joe Luna, the sorwolf . . .

A mysterious sorcerer tries on numerous occasions to bury Joe six feet under the ground! Joe’s fraternal twin sister, Jill (who is also a sorwolf), is visiting her brother’s forty acre Volusia County farm in Florida. She witnesses the strange vicious creatures the rogue sorcerer conjures. Joe’s pregnant girlfriend, Kit Wilson, is an Orlando Police Department detective, and she assists him battle the monsters. The local GPS (Ghoul Philosophers Society) cemetery ghosts support Joe and do their very best to protect him, but he ironically ends up defending them! Kirby Gallagher is Joe’s best friend as well as the owner of the Wolfsbane Bar and Grill in downtown Orlando. Kirby just happens to sport the same name as Joe’s number one murder suspect! Involved a cat and mouse game of lethal combat, Joe and the unknown sorcerer play their match . . . for keeps. Although Joe and Jill’s mother was a sorceress and their dad was a werewolf, Joe must use his wits to outsmart the would-be killer in his final case. Only time will tell if that’s enough to save Joe from a horrible death.


About the Author

David Brookover

David Brookover is the author of TWENTY-TWO (22) critically acclaimed horror novels. He resides in north central Ohio where he appreciates the changing seasons.

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