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The Witty Sorwolf, Joe Luna, Has Returned . . .

A dazzling dead of night, multicolored meteor shower attracts viewers from across the United States. Unbeknownst to those watching, evil black meteorites plunge to Earth in each contiguous state simultaneously. Two of the meteorites ominously thunder into Central Florida’s terrain close to where Joe hangs his hat. The mysterious fallen rocks split open, releasing horrors beyond comprehension. Werewolves in their ordinary human forms across the country are horribly slain. Enormous creatures resembling werewolves and other supernatural beasts are reportedly exiting the nation’s grisly homicide scenes. Uncle Jess, who’s a big DOJ muckety-muck, hires Joe to learn what these giants are really after. These unnatural killers become more brazen just as Joe begins his investigation. Unfortunately, the ghostly residents in the GPS (Ghoul Philosophers Society) cemetery are too terrified to lend Joe a hand. Joe is forced to battle a variety of giant monsters, vampires, and other extraordinary creatures to win the day, but will he succeed in stopping this werewolf murder madness? Or will he become an ill-fated victim? There are physical limits to being half sorcerer and half werewolf—a sorwolf. Joe’s mission success or failure hinges on his innate courage and cleverness.


About the Author

David Brookover

David Brookover is the author of nineteen (19) critically acclaimed horror thrillers. He resides in north central Ohio where he appreciates its changing seasons. “Friend” David on Facebook and learn about his upcoming projects.

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