Nick Bellamy Horror

by David Brookover


Book Details

Vengeance . . .

Nick Bellamy, Neo Doss, and Crow’s efforts are doomed from the beginning of the last NNC case for Rance Osbourne. Their old FBI friend and prior boss is retiring from the FBI director’s chair in two months.

An American rebuilt castle in Arizona is located beside a desert. There are strange and frightening events occurring there that have nothing to do with illegal drugs. The castle is haunted by real ghosts . . . and a malicious witch! These supernatural entities can also infiltrate NNC’s headquarters, with terrifying results!

But how are they getting inside?

Nick, Neo, Crow, and Gabriella must discover the solution to that problem fast, before someone residing in the NNC silo is seriously hurt . . . or worse. The witch is out for blood, and she won’t stop until the initials NNC mean nothing! Can the foursome succeed in preventing the witch’s yearning from coming true?


About the Author

David Brookover

David Brookover is the author of Twenty (20) critically acclaimed horror thrillers. He resides in north central Ohio where he appreciates its changing seasons. “Friend” David on Facebook and learn about his upcoming projects.

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