Amazing Love Lifting Up - Vol. I

Summer Leaves Stonnet

by Sue Westgate


Book Details

An exciting new series from Sector 25 in the Galaxy of ELL

Exit Strategy

At a time when Summer Leaves, the team lead for Emergency One, should be celebrating the creation of a second emergency team to share the workload ... the bad news begins. She is losing her right-hand man and best friend, Granite Stonnet, to the new team as well as all of her Utanau staff. As she tries to rebuild, a passionate kiss kicks her GLE career into a tailspin. Will she walk away from the career she loves to do the honorable thing?

Setting the Captives Free

Before Summer Leaves can put in her discharge request, she is called to escort Eeryda Daanin Na’tu to a conference in Sector 25. But the mission is not what it seems; they are on a rescue mission to free several young girls from the slave trade. Can they find the girls and save them in time?


About the Author

Sue Westgate

Sue Westgate published Eeryda Daanin Na’tu in the 5 book Galaxy of ELL series. She has been working in the IT field since 1998. In 2012, her career focus shifted from desktop support to Internet networking. She has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Troy University, and several IT certifications. She currently resides outside Lonoke, Arkansas with her husband, Jeff, a green house, and a few veggie gardens.

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