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The next exciting adventure into the Galaxy of ELL’s past

GY 3740: Silent Partner After a Rymm comes to town demanding that a fellow colonist return to Ianea to pay for the murder of his family, Pawwell Jensten is faced with a most grim work of reading her memoirs with details of Ianea’s violent society in order to defend her. It becomes clear that even innocence will not be enough to protect her. Exactly what lengths will Pawwell go to save her from the Rymm’s revenge?

GY 3741: Fateful Last Step The group of Galactic scientists have been on Henston II, a sister colony on the other side of the sector border, for a full year to determine why every member of the Srenhn colony simply walked off the exact same spot at the edge of a cliff over a two-week period. Unable to find the answer on their own, they bring in Pawwell Jensten to risk his life to determine the cause. Will he follow the same fate?

GY 3742: Faults in the Solution At the head of the Galactic Counsel’s request, Pawwell Jensten, as a retired sociologist, arrives on Dust, an isolated world to help them, while risking his own colony with Galactic Isolation. He finds a society bathed in apathy and where lives have no value. Can he help these people before his own life is lost?

Pawwell Jensten is the second book of The Galaxy of ELL Series, as well as the second stop on the Galactic Community timeline.


About the Author

Sue Westgate

Sue Westgate published Eeryda Daanin Na’tu, the first book in the Galaxy of ELL series, in March 2018. She has been working in the IT field since 1998. For the past half a dozen years, she has been working in the IT Networking field. She has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Troy University, and several IT certifications. She currently resides outside Lonoke, Arkansas with her husband, Jeff, a green house, and a few veggie gardens.

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