Deeren Laanara D'ryn

Galaxy of ELL

by Sue Westgate


Book Details

The historic public revelation of the Terri-na in the next exciting adventure of the Galaxy of ELL

GY 8086: Birth of the Terrnara Counselor Deeren Laanara D'ryn is spearheading the effort to have the Galactic Counsel officially recognize the Teari-na as their own separate species. Not only is it going to cost him his career—but if they don't find the right way to do it and soon—they could lose the entire Galactic Community in the process.

GY 8087: The Quest for the Genocide Trigger Right before the Galactic announcement of the Terrnara, Counselor Deeren Laanara is approached by a genetic scientist who reveals there is a genetic illness that was created and introduced to their population three thousand years before. The illness required a genetic trigger, long since lost to time, to activate. Deeren takes it upon himself to track down the trigger—wherever it is in the galaxy—to prevent more Terrnara deaths.

GY 8088: Blood Lines After months of reports on the Terrnara kidnapped after the Galactic announcement, Counselor Deeren Laanara is hoping to put the whole situation fully behind him when he finds out one of the victims is his own biological daughter. He quickly heads to Laanara to see her but he finds she still doesn't remember much about her childhood despite her mother's Ta'nee handler's efforts to bring those memories to the surface. Lurking within those childhood memories is her mother's deep dark secret.

Deeren Laanara D'ryn is the fourth book of The Galaxy of ELL Series, and the fourth stop on the Galactic Community timeline.


About the Author

Sue Westgate

Sue Westgate published Eeryda Daanin Na’tu, Pawwell Jensten and Kantinna Taezen from the Galaxy of ELL series.She has been working in the IT field since 1998. She has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Troy University, and several IT certifications. She currently resides outside Lonoke, Arkansas with her husband, Jeff, a green house, and a few veggie gardens.

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