Angel Academy

by John Reynolds & Darlene Cozart


Book Details

Danny Johnson learns through his death how to really live his life. He finds that he is stronger and more determined to achieve his goals through the inner and outer battles he has to deal with. He grows up quickly and learns that his friends are extremely important to him. He is given the opportunity to become a Guardian Angel (GA) but only if he accepts that he will be back in school, training at the Angel Academy. After completing training, Danny realizes that boot camp in Heaven, is a lot different than experiencing the Call-To-Duty, on Earth. Along with several of his new friends, Danny finds out that Evil is real, and the world’s apathy is only fueling the inevitable attack, on Mankind. As a result of a total GA effort... Evil is thwarted through a crucial and terrifying battle. The Evil forces cower in the end and run away, but the Cadets know they will be back. Are there casualties? Yes! Are there bruised egos? Yes! Are there new friendships started? Yes! Are there new challenges ahead? Yes! Is the story over? No, it’s only the beginning.


About the Author

John Reynolds & Darlene Cozart

Darlene Cozart and John Reynolds are visionaries, colleagues and the best of friends. Several years ago, Darlene began writing stories about Angels and the miracles they perform each and every day. These stories were based on facts and a blessed imagination. ANGEL ACADEMY end result was a culmination of narratives, chronicles and tales about Angels, and the people they touched. A few years later, Darlene and John had a new vision for the Angel’s series and decided to team up and take the stories in a completely different direction. Their insightful, yet somewhat warped sense of humor has been instrumental in the creation of their first fantasy adventure called ‘Angel Academy’, a thrilling, fun, cryptic journey into the unknown realm of Angels.

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