An Angel's Love

by Darlene Cozart


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Take a romantic trip with Angels to new heights with these wonderful clean romantic stories. Where Angels will lift you to new realms on a dream cloud filled with love and bliss. Where you will then fly. • On the wings of an Angel’s love • The Angel Pirates of the sea • A dream of love come true • Swept away on a dream star Where each love story will leave you hanging onto every love filled word to even praying for an Angel of your own to love. Where dreams do come true into a reality and love reigns supreme.


Book Excerpt

He was sent down to earth as an international celebrity in music while he traveled all around the world spreading the good news. To all who would listen to his wonderful singing style as he lifted his audience to Heaven with his songs of praise in each concert. He was at least six feet tall, muscular, and very handsome. He looked radiant with his sparkling brown eyes and dark wavy hair with natural highlights from the sun even to his beautiful tanned skin and long eyelashes. All of the women that came to see him in his concerts all fell in love with his rugged beauty at first sight. And even more so when they heard his musical talented instrument his voice as he had just finished his last concert. When his manager who is God told him that he was now being called on another mission and to please report before the very throne of Heaven at once. So he instantly vanished from his dressing room after he quickly left a note for everyone that he’d meet up with them all later. Because as he put it he needed a quit holiday and so with that he returned to Heaven to find out what his next mission would be.


About the Author

Darlene Cozart

I was born in Vancouver, British Columbia and raised in Tieton, Washington until I was ten years old. Then my Mother moved my brother Dave and I back to B.C. where I grew up to say eh very well. In B.C. of 1991 I was up for the BCMA Music Awards for best entertainer of the year. Then I went onto lots of college for many different degrees from French cuisine, job strategy, sanitation for food safety, St. Johns Emergency Training course in first aid and CPR, to manager, and President of Pre Paid Legal, and also to my residential management, and pool safety certificates, along with security officer training which includes my FAQ status certificate. I was also one of the Artists that was hired by Modern Groove, and Pool West many times. Where I sang and performed songs for radio, to live TV, and voice over work. Then I completed a Gospel music video with a CD where all of the proceeds would go to help out the homeless. Now I reside happily back in Canada with my Mom Pearl, my sweet Angel Shanaya, and my brother David, cousin Naomi, and so many family and friends who’s stood behind me all the way, to our new puppy miniature toy poodle Teddy who finally completes us all. Where we now all live happily ever after.

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