Yo You Capeesh It's a Cookbook

by Darlene Cozart


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Yo You Capeesh It’s a Cookbook

Come on a wild journey filled with lots of masterpieces for your little ones when this cookbook comes to life. That’s right parents this cookbook will teach your little ones new and exiting masterpieces that you could never imagine existed before. Why this is one cookbook that I promise you will never ever forget when your children show you just what they created. To how talented they really are why you might even want to give this cookbook out to all your best friends, but without them knowing it so you won’t have to worry about any problems later. Truly though your little Darlings will have endless fun and adventure even in your house where you least expected them to be. Why they will always surprise you around every corner. But remember parents all the actions performed in my book have nothing to do with me. It’s all their doing, because I’m always the innocent cookbook and I never would do anything bad. Why I’m just paper all sewed up full of fun only for your youngsters.


Book Excerpt

The Very First Recipe: Rabbit Pellet Cookies First you’ll need two jar lids, a bowl, spoon, and water, raisins that look like rabbit pellets, and lots and lots of dirt from your mom’s pretty flower garden. ··Now what you do is put as much dirt into the bowl as you can get into it. Then start adding the water while you stir it all together into one very big muddy mess. Now don’t worry about getting it all over your clothes its ok because your momma can always clean your clothes up later. So by all means get as dirty as you can just to show her how much you love her. In fact if you really love her spread it all over the place. ··Next start adding the whole baking package of raisins that your mom had hidden up in the cupboard for her home made raisin bread. Stir quickly so it won’t rise up on you with a spanking later while blending in some more dirt from your mom’s pretty flower garden. You really want to make these cookies quickly before you surprise your mom with them ok? ··Now pick up your special bowl full of Momma’s delight and carry it over to her favorite pretty picnic table that sits over on her newly designer patio in the sunlight. Go back and get your two jar lids and take your spoon so you can now spoon out all the goop onto the table. Then take your jar lids and start creating your cookies all over the top of the picnic table. Let the cookies set in the hot sun to dry until your momma calls you in to get cleaned up for lunch. When you’ve finished shocking her by just seeing the sight of your clothes while she stresses to you all about clean hygiene. Remember what ever you do especially at this moment while she has your pants down don’t let the surprise be known. The object of your masterpiece is to let your mom know after your lunch is finished. That you have prepared for the whole family their dessert and then to reap their heart felt thanks and praise. With your ever so deserving reward and please don’t tell your parents that you got this whole wonderful idea for your recipe from me. Remember I’m just the cookbook. Here Let them continue to think that you and you alone are the talented, gifted one all by your self, but if you want to tell your little friends from your school, neighborhood, and even your church friends all about me. Then please feel free to get their loved ones to buy me because I should be in every ones household don’t you think? I knew you’d agree.


About the Author

Darlene Cozart

I was born in Vancouver, British Columbia and raised in Tieton, Washington until I was ten years old. Then my Mother moved my brother Dave and I back to B.C. where I grew up to say eh very well. In B.C. of 1991 I was up for the BCMA Music Awards for best entertainer of the year. Then I went onto lots of college for many different degrees from French cuisine, job strategy, sanitation for food safety, St. Johns Emergency Training course in first aid and CPR, to manager, and President of Pre Paid Legal, and also to my residential management, and pool safety certificates, along with security officer training which includes my FAQ status certificate. I was also one of the Artists that was hired by Modern Groove, and Pool West many times. Where I sang and performed songs for radio, to live TV, and voice over work. Then I completed a Gospel music video with a CD where all of the proceeds would go to help out the homeless. Now I reside happily back in Canada with my Mom Pearl, my sweet Angel Shanaya, and my brother David, cousin Naomi, and so many family and friends who’s stood behind me all the way, to our new puppy miniature toy poodle Teddy who finally completes us all. Where we now all live happily ever after.

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