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Stop the Bleeding!

Brian Dannaher doesn't have the faintest interest in those who came before him. He is too busy hating other recent arrivals, immigrants, who, in his opinion, are destroying his homeland; immigrants he blames for playing a major role in ruining his personal life, destroying his career; alienating his family; making him a pariah in his community. He despises all immigrants with a fiery revulsion; the flames fed daily with a constant stream of vodka, a volatile accelerant. "We gotta' stop the bleedin'," is his mantra, especially on drunken occasions, which have become every day of his life. His plea is also an attempt to staunch the bleeding in his heart. "We have to know where we come from...we have to know where others come from, and why," is the a balm proffered by Brian's mother, who stands by her son in his darkest hours.


About the Author

J.T. Dossett

Dannaher’s Kin is J.T. (Jim) Dossett’s fifth novel. Dossett lives in East Tennessee with his wife, Brenda.

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