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The Baird family migrates right up the road, to their patriarch’s ancestral home on Stinking Creek. It’s a paradise on earth for them to live communally; in many ways similar to the way their ancestors did for centuries. The family grows and so does their love and affection for one another. Their devotion is sorely tested though, when the scourge unfurls its tentacles and rips one of their own away from them. They rejoice when their prodigal daughter returns from the depths of debauchery, but life will never be the same, as those orchestrators of an endemic plague of drugs pose a continual threat to the fortress on Stinking Creek, throughout Southern Appalachia, and beyond.


About the Author

J.T. Dossett

Glory on Stinking Creek is Jim Dossett’s third book, following the acclaimed, “Finding Bobby Ray” and “Starvin’ Dog and the Guardians.” He lives in East Tennessee with his wife, Brenda, and is currently researching his fourth book.

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