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The Dog is Trailing You; But Someone Has Your Back

Harry Cunningham often likened bad luck to “a starving dog that followed him everywhere, eager to lap up his misery.” He was correct. Since childhood he was dogged by bad, even disastrous luck. Unbeknownst to him, there were Guardians posted along the treacherous road he travelled; from the peanut fields of Georgia, to the jungles of Colombia; to the Arabian gulf, Texas, Mexico, and to the vast prairie of Illinois. Some of these Guardians were residents of this earthly plane and some were sons of light and twilight; hidden within our fellow human beings. All were sent to point Harry in the direction of his destiny, and ensure that, in the end, he regained peace; to eventually see his actions from a higher perspective and that angels come in forms other than those attired in robes and halos.


About the Author

J.T. Dossett

Starvin’ Dog and the Guardians is Jim Dossett’s second novel, following the acclaimed, “Finding Bobby Ray.” He lives in East Tennessee with his wife, Brenda, and is currently researching his third book.

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