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“Tu es Pardonne”

Bowman Rafferty was forgiven for what he considered to be a heinous act; the killing of Armandus. However, he never forgave himself for the misdeed, accepting the tragedies in his life as payback for his offense in the bitter cold and foggy forests of the Ardennes. Later, his precious wife and son gave him solace; offering balm for the festering wound in his heart. But they would leave him. He wandered alone in this world, searching for relief from his misery, and his journey led him to the Belgian Congo, where he was befriended, and loved by Catrin. Her love was unrequited though; Bowman was in search of redemption, and to be reunited with the love of his life. And Catrin would follow his example, remembering the words: “Tu es pardonne.”


About the Author

J.T. Dossett

Armandus’ Absolution is J.T. Dossett’s fourth book, following the acclaimed, “Finding Bobby Ray”, “Starvin’ Dog and the Guardians”, and “Glory on Stinking Creek.” He lives in East Tennessee with his wife, Brenda.

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