Tiare and the Circle of Worlds

The Apocodoom – Book 4

by Dr. S.N.B.


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The Beacon of the Apocodoom Has Awakened!

In Book 4 of the popular Tiare and the Circle of Worlds series, the secret powers of the tri-prophet children—Tiare, Mana, and Lalu—are exposed to the world…and with them the stories and adventures in the Circle of Worlds thus far. After many failed attempts to obtain the tri-prophets’ power, the evil guardian Tara sets her malevolent sights on a much larger goal—end the Earth and the Circle of Worlds entirely! With rage and a desire for revenge guiding her, she discovers a descendent with a hidden power who is able to assist her in this pursuit. Anacletus unwittingly becomes the beacon of a destructive force so powerful that, once released, it can be stopped by no human or immortal. And thus the Turpitudes of the Apocodoom are set in motion. Presidents and leaders of the Earth unite with Ngoudenout and the children, and a battle like no other ensues. Casualties are great on both sides, and it becomes little Lalu’s burden to seek out the Glow Worms of Knowledge. But can this youngest of heroes prevent the final turpitude from being completed?


About the Author

Dr. S.N.B.

Dr. Selena Nicholas-Bublick is a neurologist originally from the island of Rarotonga of the Cook Islands. Tiare and the Circle of Worlds is an educational fantasy series that highlights the importance of understanding other cultures, appreciating the delicate balance of nature, and the timeless struggle of good versus evil.

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