Tiare and the Circle of Worlds

Mysteries of the Dreaming – Book 3

by Dr. S.N.B.


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Discover the secrets of the Dreaming.

There are many legends about how the world was created and how our lives and fates are molded. The indigenous people of Australia in particular have intriguing interpretations of the creation of life and how everyday life is influenced. The “Dreaming” and spirit guides are central elements. In Book 3 of the Tiare and the Circle of Worlds series, the tri-prophet children—Tiare, Mana, and Lalu—learn about the lost and mysterious secrets of the Dreaming with the help of their hilarious aboriginal guide, Ngoudenout. Mana searches for the children’s spirit guides and along the way encounters pyramids with hidden treasure, the Loch Ness monster, and a powerful thunderbird. Mana uses his wits to outsmart sentinel octopus brothers and once again comes face-to-face with the black pearl warriors. The evil witch sisters—Tara, Tino, and Upu—continue on their relentless path to steal the children’s powers, and a sinister plan is hatched that targets an important historical event in the siblings’ lives: the meeting of their parents. The consequence of this decision teaches Tiare that choices made in everyday life and in the Dreaming can result in drastic changes in the future. And Tiare’s future hangs in the balance as she navigates the past. This adventure will take the children on another extraordinary journey that intertwines reality with fantasy, and incorporates a wealth of educational material throughout the narrative. Open your mind, sit back, and prepare yourself for the ride!


About the Author

Dr. S.N.B.

Dr. Selena Nicholas-Bublick is a neurologist originally from the island of Rarotonga of the Cook Islands. Her books are inspired by her three phenomenal children and their curiosity and excitement about the world around them.

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