Prelude of Death

by Nash Black


Book Details

Silence Is A Sentence Of Death.

Secrets from the past have the power to destroy three lives. The smoldering rubble of a landmark hotel devours Marcy Lane's links to her daughter and career. The murder of her high school sweetheart prompts an ambitious prosecutor to indict her for the crime. Marcy implores Elton Fightmaster to defend her. Elton has loved her since childhood, but he is not prepared for the rigors of a criminal trial. Marcy asserts she did not murder Bill Leighton, but fails to provide him an acceptable alibi. She abandons him to learn the incriminating truth in court and confront the betrayal of his friends. Philip Andrews takes refuge behind an alcoholic haze of shame. Will he acquire the courage to risk his remaining family to expose the dreadful secrets he and Bill Leighton have guarded since the night they graduate from high school? Is Marcy Lane a vindictive woman seeking one last role of revenge or an innocent victim of those who would use her stardom to their own ends?


About the Author

Nash Black

Nash Black is the combined name for the husband and wife team of Ford Nashett and Irene Black They are retired from farming and public service. These prior endeavors provide the backgound for their mysteries, ghost stories, and non-fiction. Writing as a Small Business and a collection of ghost stories, Haints have garnered national recognition.

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