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Death Haunts a Vacation

Jim and Matt Young meet on Seamew Island to recover from accidents that destroyed their careers. They are joined by their brother, Isaiah and Maud Tosh. Who are both seeking a reprieve from love gone wrong. Jim and Maud find the body of a young woman buried under the steps leading to the beach. Matt uncovers the body of an FBI agent wrapped in a sail belonging to a busboy at the hotel. Isaiah gives a recital and while he is performing a maid is murdered though all residents of the hotel attend the concert. Sheriff Towsend is responsible for the safety of the vistors to his family’s hotel. He is stymied as no connection can be found among the victims. Have the Kentuckians told him all they know about their grisley discoveries? Will their questions exhume secrets both current and ancient that are best left buried in the shifting sands of the island? They put themselves in the path of a killer while the sheriff is occupied with the destruction of his island from a dreaded Nor’easter. Time for the brother is running out faster than the tidal surges that scourge the salt marshes as they race to expose a murderer before their vacation ends in death. Nash Black’s cryptic descriptions leap off the page to paint a stark picture of a barrier island’s winter landscape where an assassin is determined to leave no witnesses.


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Nash Black

Nash Black is Irene Black and Ford Nashett. Their non-fiction title Writing is a Small Business received critical acclaim and awards nominations. They are the authors of Sins of the Fathers, Qualifying Laps, Travelers, and Haints. They make their home in Kentucky near the shore of Lake Cumberland with two dogs and one cat. Visit with them at or on Twitter @Pennhand

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