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How thin is the veil between myth and reality?

Haints' ghost stories are the legends and lore of the Cumberland Plateau. Using the Cumberland River, which winds its way through Brewster County as binding twine, Nash Black weaves yarns of the probable and the plausible. Scientific fact, recorded history, and ecological observation exist side by side with superstition, cultural folklore, and myths.

You will ask what is fact and what is fiction as each man tells his story according to his own understanding of the world of Haints. The stories are graphic examples of an oral tradition as old as the mountains of their origin when story telling was both an important means of passing on history and an evening's entertainment.

"Wow, what a gripping, spell-binding collection."

-Paula Vaccarino

"I read "Don't Go There," and truly think it is a fantastic story, as it sounds so realistic."

-Dr. Lynwood Montell, Ghosts Along the Cumberland: Deathlore of the Kentucky Foothills, Kentucky's Haunted Houses and Family Ghosts, and other collections.


About the Author

Nash Black

Nash Black is a professional name for Irene Black & Ford Nashett. Writing as a Small Business was cited as a “critically important” volume by Midwest Book Review. They are the coauthors of Qualifying Laps, Sins of the Fathers, and an illustrated, haunting Christmas tale, Travelers. A love of storytelling, live theater, and writing led to their sharing their Kentucky memories of the fictional “Brewster County.”

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