Twelve Step Spirituality and Religion

Viewing the Differences

by Carol Rogne


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Increasingly, people are describing themselves as “spiritual but not religious.” While religious affiliation is decreasing, spirituality is on the rise.

This book describes differences between the Twelve Step Spiritual Program and the organized religion of Christianity from the viewpoint of a Christian lay-person. Though the Twelve Step Spiritual Program and organized Christianity have different approaches, different experiences and different outcomes, Christianity and the Twelve-Step Program could come together, and agree that the best way to worship God is living a life in harmony with spiritual principles, such as honesty and love; living in gratitude; and sharing our resources with people who struggle with poverty, dysfunction, and powerlessness. Working together, organized religion and Twelve-Step Programs can send a strong message that there is help for people struggling with addictions, addictive activities and other life challenges.


About the Author

Carol Rogne

Carol Rogne, Ph.D. is a state and national licensed counselor and a school psychologist in a public school. She has written several books in the area of mental health: self-esteem, the difficult emotions of anger and guilt, and power used abusively to control others in relationships. She offers empowerment resources on her web-site, This book is dedicated to Dolly Morse, a living angel that walks among us.

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