Respecting and Valuing Ourselves

by Carol Rogne


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Recovery From Low Self-Esteem IS Possible!

Healthy, authentic self-esteem positively affects our emotional, mental, and physical health. We respect and value ourselves, feel competent, think clearly, manage our emotions and behaviors; and create a life that is creative and purposeful. In contrast, low self-esteem creates a vulnerability to addictions, emotional distress and dysfunctional behaviors that are harmful to ourselves and others. Low self-esteem is not our fault, but it is our struggle. Believe it or not, you are not alone: • If you feel unworthy and incompetent • If you magnify your shortcomings and minimize your strengths • If you are critical of yourself and feel driven to be perfect • If it is difficult to respect and value yourself • If you believe, “There is something wrong with me.” Self-Esteem—Respecting and Valuing Ourselves offers a practical self-esteem recovery and empowering process that has been life-changing for many people. We can move beyond low self-esteem feelings, and truly believe that we are lovable and capable and one of God’s miracles!


About the Author

Carol Rogne

Carol Rogne, Ph.D., is a state and national licensed counselor and a school psychologist in a public school. She has written several books in the area of relationships, difficult emotions such as anger and guilt, and power used to control in relationships. She believes in a holistic approach to health, and offers empowerment resources on her web-site,

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