One Canoe, Many Paddles

Healing and Living Our Spirit

by Carol Rogne


Book Details

Healing and Living our Spirit offers practical and easy-to-understand guidance for the process of emotional healing, so that we can live in greater harmony with ourselves and others.

A crucial step in our healing involves removing harmful false beliefs, resentments, and ways of thinking that are negative, fear-based, and limited.

Having removed what is sabotaging our lives, we can then create a life with more positive ways of thinking, behaving and relating. This will enable us to move closer to optimal health on all levels of our being: the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

One Canoe, Many Paddles – Healing and Living our Spirit, describes the personal growth journey from different viewpoints. Offering life skills that enhance our effectiveness and reduce stress.

The book delves into many spiritual principles, including the Twelve Step Program, and suggests ways of expressing, celebrating, and living our spirit with gratitude.


Book Excerpt

One Canoe, Many Paddles – Healing and Living Our Spirit, describes our personal life journey and the skills or paddles, that will help in making our lives flow with greater ease, flexibility, resiliency, beauty and meaning.

Rather than responding to external directives, we can question, search, and arrive at conclusions of what does not work for us. Using this information, we can determine what does resonate with our inner truth and is supportive of our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual life.

Rather than clinging to what is in the box of our existing mental concepts, we can reach out for new ideas that are understandable and workable. We will discover ideas and life principles that will help us to navigate, and help us to travel with less stress.

Healing and living our spirit starts from within.


About the Author

Carol Rogne

Carol Rogne, M.S. and Ph.D. is a state and national licensed counselor and also a school psychologist in a public school.

She views healing as a process as liberating to our minds, emotions and spirit, so that we can fully experience ourselves, our relationships and life.

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