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To Mama, The Long Road Home

This is not a novel. However-if you've been poor, picked cotton, sold scrap iron from a red wagon, played Red Rover on top of a big sawdust pile, played marbles, played hooky, tasted moonshine, dipped snuff, survived a broken home, lived in an orphanage, kissed a girl, driven a tractor, been pursued by a pedophile, played football, driven a busload of kids to church, been railroaded, done a tour of duty in the Navy, graduated from college, made love to a woman, been hired, been fired, shot a game of craps or pool, been married, divorced, raised a child by yourself, written a poem, lost a parent, published a novel, managed people, owned a Rolex watch, or been drunk-then you might find something interesting or worthwhile on these pages.


About the Author

Ben J Cox

Ben J Cox was born in a sawmill camp on a dirt street in Waldron, Arkansas in 1943. When his mother abandoned the family in 1953 and his dad was unable to work and properly care for the children, the author, his brother and two sisters were placed in an orphanage in Monticello, Arkansas. In his book, To Mama, The Long Road Home, the author attempts to reason with all that has happened and struggles to reap the best from a lifetime of both gaiety and sorrow until his mother dies in 1998.

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