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A Poet can describe a lifetime with just a few lines.

When the author graduated from Tulsa University a member of the EE National Honor Society, Etta Kappa Nu, it appeared that he had done very well. But, his stint in college didn’t begin with a bang. His counselor explained that he would not need to take the college entrance exam; that he was over twenty-five years old. “But, you will need to take an English test,” she cautioned. Then, when he failed the English test, she could have said, “Well, it looks like you’re not University of Tulsa material!” But she didn’t. Instead, she picked up a flyer lying on her desk. “Why don’t you go ahead and enroll and take this writing class.” The first day the instructor gave the class an assignment. He said. “Give me a half-page, single-spaced article about something original.” That night the author labored over what to write and finally settled on a short story, he called, The Greatest Work of Art. It was about the creation of man. A couple of days later, the instructor gave the papers back, and Cox noticed across the top of his paper, A+ Very Good! He lost the paper in one of his many moves then resurrected the story in a poem titled The Greatest Work of Art. It can be found on one of the pages of this book. Oklahoma has been his home since the fall of 1968. The poems and songs found between these covers were written while living in Oklahoma, but they speak of other locations and other times, as well.


About the Author

Ben J. Cox

BENJAMIN COX writing under the pen names Ben J Cox and Ben James is an author, poet, orator and humorist. When he failed a required English Test while entering Tulsa University seeking an Electrical Engineering degree, his counselor suggested he enroll anyway and take a writing class. He scored an A+ Very Good on his first paper.

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