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They don’t call it ‘Crybaby Bridge’ for nothing.

For decades, residents of this small town have talked of hearing a strange noise near the crossing of Pryor’s Creek—a sound of a baby crying. But no one knew for sure what it could mean. Enter Jake Foster. The retired computer geek thinks he’s just signing up for a simple race, the 15K Tulsa Run. It’s something to keep his days busy and his mind active, Foster thinks. Then he discovers a deep, dark secret along his training route, on the banks of Pryor’s Creek. It’s a horrifying secret that will change a town’s history—and his own—forever. What follows is a hair-raising journey into a past filled with mystery, dead ends, and plenty of detective work. As Jake uses every tool available to him, he reveals the surprising truth about lore that has remained hidden for more than half a century. It’s an adventure that will make his fun run look like a walk in the park. A Tall Order mixes small-town intrigue, old-fashioned mystery, and plenty of twists and turns for a page-turning experience that will leave you hungry for more.


About the Author

Ben J Cox

Benjamin Cox, writing under the pen names Ben J Cox and Ben James, is an author, poet, orator, and humorist. He was born on a dirt street in Waldron, Arkansas, and developed an interest in writing while attending Tulsa University. Cox is an active member of Toastmasters International and writes every day. He and his wife, Betty, live in Pryor, Oklahoma.

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